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"Lose your clothes and show your scars, that’s who you are

Marks of battle, they still feel raw
A million pieces of me, on the floor”

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"Did you break but never mend?"
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i’m just a sad piece of shit teenager who’s obsessed with bands and can’t accept compliments

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"Never judge someone. Especially if you don’t know them. Because you don’t know what they’re going through. And for all you know, your words could be the last thing they hear before they decide they have had enough."
- Danny O’Donoghue 
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"If hate is poison, then love’s the cure."
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"I cross my heart and I hope to die, may god strike me down if I tell you lies. I’d stay here forever looking in your eyes, 24/7 maybe 365. I take your hand and hold real tight. I tell ye, life is just a blink so don’t think twice."
The Energy Never Dies, The Script (via irishpower)